Smiles for Miles

We have received the “Smiles 4 Miles” Dental kit which has dramatic play sets for the children to role play a dentist visit, books about going to the dentist for a check-up, games and activities.

One of the activities we played looks at different foods – both every day and sometimes foods. The children match a “happy teeth” sign or “sad teeth” sign to the different pictures of foods and drinks – vegetables, chocolate, lollies, cheese and crackers etc. Some of the foods and drinks are tricky for the children and these promote discussion on the levels of sugar in each food. The ones the children we confused about were the juices and yoghurts.

Healthy Eating programs recommend juices are in the sometimes foods category as well as flavoured yoghurts, muesli bars and dried fruits.

As we are encouraging healthy eating or everyday eating at kinder please remember jam and honey are very high in sugar as well as most breakfast cereals, muesli bars and flavoured yoghurts. Plain yoghurt, with fresh fruits mashed and mixed in, are a great way for the children to have yoghurt. 

From a sustainability point of view and in terms of excess rubbish our families are amazing. The reuse of containers for the children’s food and very very small amounts of glad wrap for sandwich wrappings or plastic bags is fantastic.

Do you know child dental care can now be bulk billed?

As part of the “dental kit” we have brochures to hand out about the Victorian public dental service. There’s a clinic in Knox.